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Sale and estimate of property in Toulouse

Vendre son bien - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse

A property for sale

The sale of your property

In order to prepare the sale of your property, the real estate agency BARNES Toulouse can make a real estate property valuation, whether for a flat, an architect style house, or a private mansion or a large property.

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The sale of your property

You want to sell your house or flat?
The Toulouse BARNES team helps you to define the most adapted strategy to your property. Several criterias are taken into account :

Property type



Sale deadlines

The selling price is close to local market prices. The sale waiting period can vary from a few weeks to several months. The two main factors are people’s demands for this type of property and the set price.


Real estate valuation

Whether for a flat, a house, a private mansion or a property with land, We are able to bring you our professional expertise

Estimate your property
Estimation - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse

In order to provide an accurate estimation, our consultants consider the following criterias :



State of the building



All of our consultants will visit you to complete your property valuation, whether it is located.

This analysis is then compared with the sale of similar properties (condition, equipment, size, location) and relies on the expertise and thorough knowledge of local market prices from BARNES consultants to obtain the most accurate assessment.
All of our consultants will visit you to complete your property valuation in Toulouse. The information provided and collected, especially the estimation value, are strictly confidential. The exact address of the property is unveiled only to serious buyers, after your agreement

Our tools

Communication to highlight your property

To sell a property in the best conditions, a complete and targeted communication strategy is needed.
To be more efficient, we are using several medias :
  • Print

    We advertise in quality regional, national and international medias: Le Figaro, Figaro Magazine, Maisons et Appartements, Le Point or the Financial Times, as well as in our magazine "Barnes Luxury Homes" (3 issues / year and sent to all Figaro subscribers)

  • Web

    Institutional and corporate sites, national and international real estate Websites and social networks.

  • This multi-media communication allows us to reach precisely potential purchasers.

A tailor made support

For each property you give us a complete file is made (detailed description, professional photos), and a regular report is given to you by mail or phone

Visite - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse

Every BARNES consultant has visited and knows very well all the properties.

Our target : To be able to answer at best any potential purchasers requests . For each scheduled visit with our purchasers, we make sure that the owner is available and that the house is arranged at its best.

Trade talks

At this stage of the sale, we play a major part in order to match the owners and purchasers interests., We make our best to advise,, inform and ensure that all conditions are gathered and met for no disappointments.

Negociation - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse
Promesse - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse
The Initial sale contract and Notarial act

An initial sale contract is written when trade talks are over and an agreement is accepted by purchaser and seller.
The « Unilateral agreement to sell » also known as initial sale contract is a commitment from the owner to sell his property to the purchaser at the price previously set between them.

Therefore, the owner is no longer able to give up the sale, being a real contract between the parties, bounding them to honour their obligations. To guarantee this sale, the buyer must then pay a deposit, corresponding to 5 or 10% of the property value. This amount will be deducted from the sale price when signing the notarial act.

  • Formalities inherent to the validity of the file (generally requiring 2 to 3 months before being able to sign the notarial act) require informations of services such as civil status office, town planning certificate (among others), but also the declaration allowing the city hall the preemption on a sale, the cadastral survey, and the selling owner bank details and its mortgages
    If the purchaser is a loan applicant, he must then provide evidence of his current proceedings.

  • Some documents must be provided at different stages : when advertising the sale and others will be requested when signing the agreement or the final notarial act.

BARNES, The reference for quality properties and estates in Toulouse.

You want to estimate a recent or old flat from 50 m², a bourgeois flat or a toulouse silk worker house, with roof terrace, or contemporary style, an architect style house or a flat with old features ...? Call our experts !

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