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160 000

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39 700


Heidi barnes - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse


Thibault de saint vincent - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse


Richard tzipine - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse

Chief Executive Officer France

BARNES was founded by Heidi Barnes. Everything began in 1994, when Heidi opened a real estate company in London aimed at helping international clients seeking to move to London. Due to its success, Heidi Barnes decided to open a new office in Paris the following year, in 1995. As in London, the Paris office was an immediate success and in just a few years, BARNES had become a reference in the world of real estate.

As for Thibault de Saint Vincent, after having worked for over fifteen years at the helm of residential real estate companies in France and the United States, Thibault de Saint Vincent noticed in early 2000 that the luxury real estate market was going global.

In 2004, BARNES was off and running, combining the Anglo-American style of Heidi Barnes with the entrepreneurial approach of Thibault de Saint Vincent, structured around a visionary idea: providing international clients with unique access to exclusive properties located in the most beautiful places in the world.

In 2006, Richard Tzipine joined the company as Managing Director. His experience as company manager in a large international media group allowed him to develop the Paris office into a leader in luxury and exclusive residential real estate

Since 2006, BARNES has continued to expand internationally and develop its brand awareness. After London and Miami, BARNES opened several new agencies in Paris and in the French provinces, in Geneva, throughout the entire Lake Geneva region and the Valais region in Switzerland, Mauritius, Lisbon, Brussels, Monaco, New-York , Los Angeles, Palm Beach and St. Barts as well as an office in Russia.

Backed by its renowned expertise in the sale and rental of residential properties, BARNES has consolidated its expertise in different departments, each of which offers customized solutions in response to its clients' needs. BARNES also has teams specialized in: exclusive properties, castles and France's most beautiful cities; seasonal rentals in the world's most gorgeous resort cities; property management in metropolitan areas and capital cities; marketing new developments; shop locations and residential buildings.

Today BARNES is yet again strengthening its position as a leading player in the world of luxury by creating a new department. BARNES ART GLOBAL ADVISORY is specialized in art investments, demonstrating BARNES's philosophy of « well-being and living well ».

As life annuities have become a wealth management strategy of the future, BARNES is also expanding BARNES LIFE ANNUITIES, a highly specialized department that listens closely to each client to understand their needs.


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