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History of Old Toulouse

Located south of Toulouse, the town of Vieille-Toulouse is aptly named. Indeed, Volques Tectosages, a Celtic people originally from Bohemia, settled there around 200 years BC. J.C., giving birth to Tolosa. The site is occupied for its strategic position: in height, it can easily be defended. Access to the Garonne and openness to the plains makes it an ideal place to live. Thanks to its position between the ocean and the sea, Tolosa became a trading center, especially for wheat and wine.

But the activity of Tolosa decreases and the city dies from the year 8 BC. It was not until the Middle Ages that a new village called Veterem Tolosam developed to the east of the original site.

Today, Vieille-Toulouse is a small town of just over 1100 inhabitants, endowed with exceptional nature and easy access to Toulouse.

The essentials of Old Toulouse

Vieille-Toulouse has the advantage of being close to Toulouse while being surrounded by unspoiled nature along the Garonne. There are several protected natural areas, including 2 Natura 2000 classified areas. Only a third of the area of the town is urbanized. It is therefore a village that will appeal to nature lovers who aspire to take long walks and enjoy the surrounding calm. Created in 2015, the Confluence Garonne-Ariège regional nature reserve is an exceptional wetland at the confluence between the Garonne and Ariège. Several plant and animal species live there, such as the European otter, the green lizard, the eel, the black kite and more than 500 species of plants.

The historical heritage of Vieille-Toulouse includes a 13th century Romanesque church, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. It is also in Vieille-Toulouse that the Golf Club de Toulouse was established, a superb 18-hole course on the Toulouse hillsides overlooking the Garonne. Le Club 1950 restaurant is one of them. It is the only restaurant in Vieille-Toulouse. It offers refined cuisine with a pleasant view of the 18th hole of the golf course. Right next to it is the archaeological site of Vieille-Toulouse where several Gallic wells have been discovered.

Living in Old Toulouse

Located 9 km from the Place du Capitole in Toulouse, only about ten minutes by car, Vieille-Toulouse is a privileged place to live, both for active families with children and for retirees. The median income there is one of the highest in France, the village attracting some of the wealthiest families in the region who live in beautiful houses with swimming pools and gardens.

Living in Vieille-Toulouse means choosing the countryside and nature while having quick access to the center of one of the largest cities in France. Life there is calm and serene, animated by several sports and cultural associations. Living in Vieille-Toulouse, you also benefit from several sports facilities, including 3 tennis courts, and a hiking trail, the Bécane loop, to be done on foot or by mountain bike. To find out more about the housing stock, do not hesitate to contact our Barnes Toulouse agency.

A TAD (Transport On Demand) connects the center of the village to the nearest metro in Ramonville-Saint-Agne. This metro can be reached in a few minutes by car and has a large parking lot, which makes it possible to avoid the car in town. A kindergarten and a primary school in the village allow young children to go to school close to where they live. An open-air market is held in the center of the village every Tuesday afternoon.

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