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District Wilson

Toulouse Wilson

History of Place Wilson

Wilson Square is so named in reference to Thomas Woodrow Wilson who was President of the United States from 1912 to 1920. Engaged with his country with the Allies during the First World War in 1917, it was on July 14, 1918 that the city of Toulouse took the decision to name the square after him. Thomas Woodrow Wilson has also been an honorary citizen of the Pink City since that time. In the Middle Ages, it was here that the consuls and Simon de Montfort met during the siege of 1216. The square was then only a meadow located outside the ramparts, the latter being closed by the gate Villeneuve.

In 1562, after the fights of the "Deliverance", the Protestants left by this door when they were driven out of the city. To prevent a possible return of the banished, the Catholics of Toulouse condemned the door. And it was in 1778 that the capitouls took the decision to reopen this same door. In 1783, the very new architect of the city, Jacques-Pascal Virebent submits the project of a double square, both interior and exterior. The construction site finally began in 1788, with the addition of a gigantic door located in the middle. The French Revolution will however come to stop the work.

Square Lafayette was created in 1876 and was at this time in history surrounded by a grid that surrounds a sculpture: Moses breaking his irons. The fountain located in the middle of the square hosts a splendid statue of Clémence Isaure on May 23, 1908. During the years 2005 and 2006, the places began to be pedestrianized and the number of lanes for cars fell from two to one. In 2007, the carrousel, present for 17 years on the place Saint-Georges, is installed on the place Wilson.

The essentials of the Wilson district

Place Wilson has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1974. It is perfectly located between the Allées Jean Jaurès and the Capitole. Right in the city center, this veritable heart of greenery, the Pierre Goudouli Garden, is very popular, making it a real must when visiting Toulouse.
Place Wilson has many flowers with magnolias, ginkgo biloba, a fountain and a square with an always impeccable lawn.

This magnificent view nevertheless makes it a contemporary and modern space with the presence of several shops such as La Fnac, Fusalp, for example, but also a large number of perfumeries, jewelery and craft product shops which appeal to both Toulouse residents and the visitor looking for quality and trend.

There are also very famous restaurants and brasseries such as the Cardinal or the Capoul. The largest cinema complex, the Gaumont Wilson, is also located on Place Wilson. There is also the famous Théâtre de la Cité, the French national drama centre.

Living around Place Wilson 

The Wilson district is a place that is perfect for students as well as families or young couples. Along with Place Saint Pierre, it is one of the liveliest places in Toulouse with its many cafes, bars and terraces. One of the mythical places of Toulouse after the Place du Capitole, it is ideally placed: at the Jean Jaurès metro, where the 2 unique metro lines meet. It is therefore the essential place to join for a nice walk in the city center. Adorned with an elegant old-fashioned carousel, this square fascinates Toulouse residents and is often highlighted in photographs of the city. The district has many schools such as the Ecole du Grand Rond but also the Ecole Steiner Waldrof Les Tournesols. There are also many sports facilities. In short, a neighborhood full of charm, well served and where there is a unique quality of life!

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