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The new property lifestyles

Show detail - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Toulouse

The main teachings of a BARNES Study realized in the autumn 2020

2020 has certainly reshuffled the deck in the property market, and the luxury sector in particular. Second homes have regaining in popularity among families, who expect to be spending more time there each year in the future, provided that the various generations can use them as a home office during their stays.

The months of lockdown imposed both in France and abroad also appears to have shed new light on the concept of having a semi-primary residence.

These are the main findings of a BARNES survey of 1,850 clients in France and abroad performed between 26th and 30th November 2020.

The first months of 2021 confirmed the findings of this study as well as the various testimonials from notaries and estate agents describe and highlight the emergence of this new semi-primary residence trend.

Barnes has noticed a renewed interest from Parisians and expatriates for the French regions which translated in a growing number of transactions of high-end properties in the most sought-after areas. This is a trend to monitor because the Barnes’ survey conducted in November showed that among the potential clients polled, the health crisis has prompted 45% of them to rethink their property situations. However, most respondents don’t consider selling their main residence in cities to live in the countryside, on the seaside or in the mountain.

Download the Barnes study here :