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The new energy performance law (DPE) applicable from 1 July 2021

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The Energy Performance Diagnostic is label giving information on primary energy consumption. It is mandatory for properties sold or rented, is now enforceable and targets energy-intensive properties. In particular, those classified F and G will be prohibited for rental around 2028.

The DPE becomes enforceable: it means that it is the right of any buyer or tenant to demand that a vendor’s or lessor’s failure to fulfil its obligations or an analytical error in the diagnosis of the property be remedied.

The new methodology of the DPE: a score based on the energy intensity of the building, from A to G, underpinned by a more in-depth study of the technical characteristics of the residential property such as insulation, construction materials and means of heating and adds two new criteria of lighting and ventilation.

The old methodology of the DPE was scoring building based on their actual energy consumption that produced biased outcome (depending on households lifestyle). The reform will evolve over time including the recent amendment of 8 october 2021 improving the methodology following its implementation that was detrimental for the score of buildings dating before 1975.

The new DPE is valid for ten years and the old DPE will be phased out on 31/12/2022 for those realized before 2017 and on 31/12/2024 for those realized between 2018 and July 2021. It is no longer possible to advertise a blank DPE. The new DPE contains recommendation to improve the energy intensity of the building.